Why Laser Hair Removal?

Find out the benefits from the experts at Get Lazed in Brick and Ocean, NJ

You're likely wondering what sets us apart from other companies, and what makes laser hair removal the top choice compared to other hair removal methods. At Get Lazed, our state-qualified physicians have been using an FDA approved laser for over 16 years and have treated over 1,000 laser clients - always providing our clients with long-lasting results.

Our clients have been so satisfied that many return for laser hair removal on other parts of their body. Some even refer family and friends so that they too can achieve the same hair-free results that last a lifetime.

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Reasons why laser is better than wax

Reasons why laser is better than wax

There are plenty of benefits to getting laser hair removal instead of wax hair removal. Waxing is not permanent and can be detrimental to your skin by pulling and stretching it overtime, causing you to lose elasticity. Some other benefits of laser removal in comparison to wax include:

  • Fewer sessions (total of 6)
  • Lower cost
  • Permanent removal of hair
  • Less damage to your skin
  • Silky smooth skin - no stubble!

Unlike other companies, our soft Candela Gentle Lase is a permanent hair removal solution. If you've had an IPL (Intense Pulse Light Therapy) hair removal, you have received a temporary solution. In fact, that method doesn't use a laser at all, meaning the hair will eventually return.

Let the experts at Get Lazed offer you a lifelong solution to your unwanted hair. Call us today for superior laser hair removal.