What Makes Us Different?

Laser Hair Removal for Brick and Ocean, NJ Area Residents

What set us apart from other companies is our usage of a real laser that is FDA approved. For over 16 years we've been using this technology and technique with long lasting results.

Many spas, plastic surgeons etc have and hire aestheticians and in an effort to keep this staff active they offer hair removal services. They can afford to charge less by using a non laser called IPL "Intense Pulse Light". IPL only 'stuns' the hair follicle and is temporary not PERMANENT like our Candela Gentle laser (Alexandrite Laser). Many companies offering low cost specials or deals are using this type of "laser" hair removal service, which will not give you the hair removal results you are seeking. Most importantly in The State of New Jersey only a physician can legally and properly use a laser.

At Get Lazed, you will be treated by a Board Certified Doctor with over 15 years of laser experience and who has treated over a 1,000 laser clients with excellent life long results of PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Most of our clients have been so pleased that many of them come back to get new areas done and refer many of their friends and family so that they too can achieve the same hair free results that last a lifetime.

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