Clients Reviews!

I basically live in my bathing suit as I am a total beach bum! With that I am shaving all the time. I get the irritation and bumps, ive tried waxing (boy does that hurt), everything takes up a lot of time $$ and effort. Then I heard of Get Lazed through a few girl friends of mine that have had multiple laser treatments done and rave about it. I went last week to get my armpits done (which was free btw!!!) and I am already seeing results! I can not wait to be hair free and ready for summer!


"I used to suffer with facial hair and acne as a result of the hair on my chin and sideburns and upper lip, I suffer from PCO's (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) , now that I have no more hair on my face I have better self esteem and feel and look great! I even have gone back to treat other areas such as my bikini and legs, at first I admit I was skeptical, however now that I have proven results I can't thank the Dr enough!"


"I have very sensitive skin and always got razor burn or ingrown hair when shaving. I made the leap to get laser hair removal with Dr. Morgan at Get Lazed and my skin has never felt better. Not only do I not have to worry about stubble and irritated skin, I don't have to worry about hair at all! Thanks Dr. Morgan!"


"I've spent years and thousand of dollars getting waxed every month until I heard about Dr. Morgan at Get Lazed. I go to him for not only my facial hair removal - but my whole body! I look forward to never shaving again!

Heidi K.

I can't believe how smooth my skin is now! I used to wax and get irritated now after my 6 treatments the skin is so smooth without any stubble. I now have started to get other areas done ( toes, belly button, legs ) because I know it works ! Thank you Get Lazed!


So Happy I ventured to do this! I have always heard about it but was skeptical, Now I can truly say that I have not shaved my armpits legs nor bikini in over 5 years!! No maintenance since and I have sent all my fiends and sisters who all have had the same excellent results.


I used to get 'IPL' treatment which didn't work then I found out it wasn't truly a laser but just Intense Pulse Light - done by an aesthetician. Since getting treatments done with Get lazed and by a doctor I have had the results I wanted and was well worth what I spent. So glad I found them!